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Havanese Size and Weight

Learn about Havanese size and weight

The Havanese is a small yet sturdy breed in both size and weight, unlike many other dogs in the Toy group.
It’s important to keep your Havanese at a healthy weight. Due to their smaller size, extra weight can be harder on their joints and bodies than it would for a larger breed. Make sure to follow the feeding guidelines on your food and consider a diet plan if your Havanese gains unnecessary weight. Read more about Havanese size and weight.


The Havanese is a relatively healthy breed, thanks to selective breeding by responsible breeders. But like any dog breed, there are some genetic health issues that a potential owner should be aware of before purchase. Please read our pages on AllergiesHealth Problems, and Lifespan pages for more information.

12 Havanese Health Tips

Keep your Havanese healthy and happy longer by following these tips! As always, remember to discuss any diet or lifestyle changes with your veterinarian.

  1. Start out right by acquiring your Havanese from a reputable and responsible breeder! A reputable and responsible breeder is someone who raises their puppies in a loving environment and gives them proper health care prior to going home, such as puppy inoculations and dewormings. It is best to find an experienced breeder who has been breeding Havanese for at least 10 years.
  2. Make sure to bring your Havanese in to the veterinarian for its yearly check up and vaccinations!
  3. Talk to your veterinarian about a heartworm preventative, as well as a flea and tick preventative. Remember that these products are poisons to kill the fleas, ticks, and heartworms, so use them sparingly with discretion.

Read more Havanese health tips.

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Whether you already have a Havanese or are getting your first, a good local groomer experienced with the breed will be an invaluable tool. Check out our directory to browse listings and get in touch with breeders near you.